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Control unit 16 slots - Modular and progressive IP

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Multinitro was created for progressive and flexible professional and residential applications. Its core processor is powerful, perennial and progressive.

This centre becomes the core of the set-up and fits perfectly in, allowing the control on the whole environment and the audiovisual devices.

Multinitro is equiped with 16 slots supporting many cards (RS232, RS422/485, 0/10V, relays, infrared, VCA, KNX…). This centre is able to take control over multiple communication networks. It offers a great power thanks to its ARM9 processor.

This hardware is made for the administration of big professional environments as conference rooms, congress centres, amphitheatres, events backgrounds… Maxinitro® allows to control several devices such as spotlights, conference systems, collaboration solutions, mixing tables, amplifiers, Blue-Ray player, lights, HVAC, energy measuring devices or any audiovisual equipment, electrical or energetic installed in this kind of environment.

An internal web server allows remote updates and control from a web page. Ipad and Android projects may be stored and controlled directly on the unit from the HTTP server, allowing the management of Maxinitro® by an outsider with a specific external software. Eventually, the back office system links the controller up to the different services of Vity like multiroom monitoring and the maintenance tools.


Nitro Card
Processor : ARM9 400Mhz
Memory : 64 Mo RAM
Operating system : VITY multitask
USB : For updates only
SD cards slot : not supplied

Capacity : Up to 16 cards

Ethernet : 10/100 Mbps, full et half duplex, auto-switch
MBC Bus : for communication toward previous generation hardware and touchscreen

Reset : 1 button

Leds :
1x Bus learn blink during a command sending or during the IR learning mode)
1x Status (blink when the center is operating)

Sensor : 1x for infrared learning

Size : Rack 19" 3U -  105 mm deep
Weight : 2.9 kg (no cards)


Tension 12 VDC - on mini-jack plug
External power supply : 100/240V (supplied)
Consumption : 35W max.


Use between 0°C and 50°C


MN RS : 2x RS232 ports available on SUBD connectors 9 pins - Can be RS-422/RS485 configured
MN 0/10 : 8x 0/10V output
MN GPI : 8x digital input
MN RL : 8x relays output
MN IRTX : 6x infrared output
MN VCA : 1x digital VCA stereo (or 2 mono)

KRT : 1 power relay kit 2RT 8A coil 12Vcc support DIN rail Multinitro and MAxinitro
KRAL : Power supply 12V for KRT relays coils - Support up to 30 KRT relays coils - DIN rail fiwing

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Control unit 16 slots - Modular and progressive IP

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Control unit 16 slots - Modular and progressive IP

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