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  • Vity Technology
  • Vity Technology
  • Vity Technology


From the family business to a company at the forefront of technology

Settled in Brittany and since over 20 years, Vity designs, manufactures and markets solutions for the markets of the Smart Home and the Smart Building. Backed by OSEO,
the company capitalizes on its know-how and R & D skills to meet the increasing demands about the management of energy, comfort and security or the use of multimedia applications in the residential, tertiary or business. Established commercially in 45 countries, VITY also has a subsidiary in Hong Kong since 2003 strengthening its presence at the international and in fast-growing markets. Further in 2014 Vity opened a subsidiary in Italy for the distribution of audiovisual products.

2014 marks a point for the company which become an expert in the distribution, the display and also the signal controlling. It offers to its catalog a branded panel with high added value. The technical team brings solid expertise in the products offered by the company, and thus a high quality support.

The R & D department meanwhile is increasingly active, with 480 000 € investment in 2013, developments are now bearing fruit with strong partnerships and contracts.

Pôle de Technellys - Bât I - Porte I6

165, rue de la Montagne du Salut


+33 2 97 89 20 02