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List of products by manufacturer Cypress

Cypress Technology, based in Taiwan, was founded in 1989, specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative AV and Multimedia products.

Today Cypress Technology is highly recognised as a pioneer within the AV industry and offers an extensive AV product range that is now widely used throughout the AV industry internationally.

All our products are primarily designed for signal management for Home Theatre integration, AV signal distribution within Mega Stores, video production, video picture enhancement or signal format conversion, distribution and switching - in fact, it would be simpler to say Cypress Technology can always bring a solution to bridge the gap between the incompatibility of AV systems.

Since its founding Cypress Technologies have always been at the very forefront of every shift in AV technological advancements, from developing and manufacturing analogue devices in the early 1990's, PC Multimedia in the late 90's, digital video in early 2000 to today's HDMI  'High Definition' arena for all HDTV solutions.

Cypress Technology has continually over the last 20 years, developed and manufactured on an OEM/ODM basis for many internationally renowned industry leaders, whilst also developing our own CYP Brand without compromising the interest of our clients.

Due to our extensive experience within AV technology, Cypress Technology is not only equipped to provide great flexibility and speed for designing customised products to meet our customer's requirements, but also in R & D and the continuous development and testing of the emerging HDMI technologies.

Cypress Technology takes great pride in the quality of its product range and offers a reliable "After Sales Service" with timely technical support to customers' questions in the field.

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Réf : CADVI250R

Récepteur DVI sur CAT à 250m



Transmetteur DVI sur CAT5


Réf : CDL165PRO

Transmetteur sans-fil Mini-USB vers HDMI/PC/USB


Réf : CDVI31

Sélecteur 3 x 1 DVI


Réf : CDVI41

Sélecteur 4 x 1 HDMI


Réf : CDVI61

Sélecteur 6 x 1 DVI


Réf : CDVI81

Sélecteur 8 x 1 DVI


Réf : CH103RX

Récepteur HDMI sur 2x CAT6 distance 45 m (8 Bit) - Compatible HDCP et HDMI 1.3


Réf : CH103TX

Émetteur HDMI sur 2x CAT6/7 distance 45 m (8 Bit) - Compatible HDCP et HDMI 1.3


Réf : CH107RXN

HDMI (v1.3) on CAT6 Receiver


Réf : CH107TX

HDMI (v1.3) on CAT6 Transmitter


Réf : CH108

Extendeur CAT6 vers CAT6

Pôle de Technellys - Bât I - Porte I6

165, rue de la Montagne du Salut


+33 2 97 89 20 02